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There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to internet connections. You can choose from many different service providers and packages to suit your needs. How your wireless network is installed and set up also has an impact on your experience. If you're not happy with your internet connection, H&H Residential IT can help. We perform wireless network upgrades in and around Middletown & Hartford, CT and will make sure you end up with a speedy, reliable connection.


If you store important documents and photos on your computer, you could be one crash away from losing all of your precious data. From wedding pictures to work emails, H&H Residential IT can make sure all of your data is protected with data backup services. We'll create a backup copy of the files you choose, allowing you to recover your data if something happens to your computer. You can back up specific files or your entire computer, giving you total peace of mind.


Maybe your computer ran perfectly when you first got it. But since then, it's only become slower and slower. H&H Residential IT can help. We clean up computers in the Middletown & Hartford, CT area. You can rely on us to identify and eliminate unnecessary programs that are hogging your computer's resources. Your computer will be able to completely focus on the tasks you want and will get the job done quicker, saving you a lot of frustration. Clean your computer by calling us today.


Whether it's for work, keeping up with your friends or looking at pictures of cats, you rely on your computer every day. The last thing you need is a virus slowing it down or making it crash. If you suspect your computer is infected, turn to H&H Residential IT. We provide professional computer virus removal services in the Middletown & Hartford, CT area. Our IT technician will examine your computer to find and remove potential threats, keeping your computer and your data safe.